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Selected elm solid wood coming from north of China, with longer grow circle, solid material, clear and smooth texture. After natural drying and second drying processing, to ensure the moisture content of the material and hardness as well as not easy deformed.

The whole structure of Rukai furniture adopts the traditional Chinese mortise and tenon joint structure. This kind structure has a long history in China, which is one of the characteristics of Chinese rosewood furniture. Many of the mahogany furniture of Ming and Qing Dynasties are several hundred years, although slightly obsolete, but the overall structure of the furniture is still intact as before are own to mortise and tenon joint structure. Traditional mortise and tenon joints are not only rigorous and firm, but also decorative. Coupled with modern woodworking techniques and equipment, our products can be said to be structurally perfect.

The product paint contains no formaldehyde, has no pungent taste, is healthy and environmentally friendly, and has no harm to human body.

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Manufacturing Process

January 2006

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